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26-Jan-2018 07:16

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Invented by the Monsanto of the affection industry, Hallmark, it's like all nefarious shadowy presences: its influence is traceless and ubiquitous.

There are going to be dangling pink streamers in storefronts and lots advertisements for chocolate and necklaces that are improbably shaped into hearts.

Imagine if you were faced with a Saturday or Friday, or even a Sunday Valentine’s Day.

It’s Valentine’s Tuesday and it's a work night and you have a lot more leeway to do whatever you would usually be doing on a Tuesday night, which probably wouldn’t include trying to wedge a card into a pile of dead, upright plants. I wish greeting card companies well, because I’ve spent a larger than usual portion of my life browsing card aisles, because I am bad at being on time, which means I’m sometimes very early and I need to amuse myself in a CVS.

Others would love nothing more than a bath bomb, thank you very much. Turns out, lots of fun Valentine’s Day gifts can be found on Amazon (including those for her) — most of them with free shipping too.

Some guys would like a nice piece of gold-plated jewelry.

So much more civilized than a boring, old bath towel.

It doesn't matter what kind of woman you're taking out, nor how serious you are—a good date is a good date.

Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday, which is maybe the second best day of the week it could be on.

If your man is frequently out of town but needs to feed the dog, get him an automatic food dispenser that lets him schedule and portion out the exact amount via his phone.

Saves you the trouble of having to convince his doorman to let you in the apartment.

These little gold bracelets are a handsome antidote to those cheesy, leather, or nautical rope things — it’s only gold-plated (rather than solid gold), too, so you can get one without spending too much.

Our own tech expert called these the very best wireless headphones under 0, and for an antisocial boyfriend, nothing quite says, “Buzz off” like a gigantic pair of over-the-ear headphones.Wouldn’t it be chill if Valentine’s were instead a sort of roving holiday that kicked in as your honeymoon stage was just beginning to wane, to jumpstart your conscientious devotion to romantic stuff again?

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